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Titebond Urethane Repair System


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One Dispensing Gun

Quick Overview

    • Highly moisture resistant
    • Will not cause dimensional changes in wood flooring
    • Strong ultimate bond
    • Unaffected by freezing temperatures
    • Contains no water
    • Low viscosity
    • Flows easily
    • Extremely small hole to drill (1/8" drill bit) for the 1/16" needle on gun
    • Will not become brittle
    • Easy assembly process
    • Quick curing process
    • Reusable gun
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The Titebond Urethane Repair System is a two-part urethane system that enables contractors to repair loose or popping areas in a finished floor. The adhesive in the system is of low viscosity that sets quickly and is fully cured within 45 minutes of application. The easy flow characteristics of the urethane adhesive, contrary to traditional epoxies, provide increased coverage of the repair. The Titebond Urethane Repair System is easy to use with no large holes to drill – a 1/8” drill bit is all that is required. Therefore, upon completion of the process, when used as directed, the floor will be repaired with no visible defects.

  • Repairs popping and hollow spots
  • No visible defects from repair
  • Easy flow adhesive
  • Simple assembly process

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Titebond

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