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2" Flooring Cleat Nailer


Metabo - Hitachi

Hitachi NT50AF 2" Flooring Cleat Nailer

Quick Overview

  • Uses both ''T'' and ''L'' Cleats for use with a greater variety of fasteners
  • Integrated safety protects the user and work piece by preventing accidental drives
  • High capacity magazine reduces downtime by requiring fewer reloads
  • Preferred Seating System provides accurate placement of fasteners and the proper angle and depth
  • High strength aluminum housing for less weight and greater durability
  • Non-marring accessory shoes allow for nailing in a variety of sizes, while preventing damage to the floor
  • Uses Hitachi ''T'' and ''L'' Cleats- 2'' T-Cleat (42629H), 1-1/2'' T-Cleat (42640H), 2'' L-Cleat (04702H), 1-1/2'' L-Cleat (04704H)
  • Sold separately- Wide Profile Flooring Shoe (330389) for 9/16'' - 3/4'' pre-finished wood flooring- may also be used for 5/8'' - 3/4'' imported and Bamboo flooring
  • Sold separately- Nail Set (330328) for ''T'' and ''L'' cleats
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Includes: Non-marring Hammer (330631) , 1/2'' Shoe Pad (330387) , 3/4'' Shoe Pad (330381) , Safety Glasses (875769) , Wrench Set (4mm, 5mm, 6mm, Box)(330386) , Carrying Case (330388)

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Metabo - Hitachi

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