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100% High Performance Silicone Acetoxy Cure Sealant



Quick Overview

  • 8125® 100% High Performance Acetoxy Cure Sealant is a high modulus, one component sealant. It has excellent adhesion to non-porous surfaces and is able to withstand ±25% joint movement.
  • 100% Silicone. High modulus. Excellent adhesion to non-porous surfaces. Mildew resistant. Can be applied in extreme temperatures. Good resistance to weathering, vibration, and moisture. ±25% joint movement. Can be used for sealing or adhering glass, wood, vinyl, metal, ceramic, plastic, and many painted surfaces. Meets ASTM C 920, TT-S-0023; FDA/USDA approved.
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  • Product is not recommended for exterior, below grade use.
  • Product is not recommended for glazing of insulated glass units sealed with two-part silicone secondary seals.
  • Product is not recommended for continuous water immersion.
  • Do not use in applications over tar, asphalt, or materials that bleed oils, plasticizers, or solvents.
  • Do not use on marble substrates
  • Do not use in applications with airtight enclosures as the sealant requires atmospheric moisture to cure
  • Do not use in applications with materials that may react to acetic acid like copper, acrylic, and plastic.
  • Do not use on horizontal traffic joints.
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    Manufacturer: Geocel

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